31 March 2009

Confessions of an Ikea Virgin

Yes, it's true, I have never been to Ikea! That is almost a blasphemous thing to say around my friends, but when I was growing up in Northern Kentucky, there was no Ikea. It's only been since I've left home that they finally built one in the north part of Cincinnati. Now my parents are Ikea-aholics and I'm still in the dark.
My boyfriend's parent's house is a self-proclaimed Ikea museum and I'm shocked at how gorgeous Ikea can be. The euro-chic style that I love in a home is present all over their house and it always looks stunning! It's now his mom's mission to take me on a day trip to Ikea. Apparently all Polish homes should look like this or at least this is the impression I get. And apparently you need a whole day to go to Ikea. Sadly, my dad confirmed this statement on his very first trip to the store.

So now that Piotr and I are moving in together, his mom wants to decorate and I can't say I object. If it's Ikea and will look anything like their home, I'm all for it! Hopefully she'll finally take me to the store in Burlington and my Ikea-virginity will be gone!


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